Patrick Obahiagbon

This man is quite simply my favourite Nigerian politician.  Although, as of the last election he no longer holds his seat in the House of Representatives he has continued to show himself on the side of the progressive Nigeria by appearing at the Fuel Subsidy Protests.

Although I find him hilarious I do not join those who simply mock him.  He states that his love of synonyms and etymology are derive from his love of reading.  That, I will not mock.  If you strip away his extensive lexicon you find a man with a desire of the end of corruption and political malpractice.

Many say he is part of the same political system, switched party when it no longer suited him and did little for Edo State whilst in power.  However I do not believe it is for one man to save Nigeria.  His willingness to condemn the actions of others in public and be set apart (albeit in an entertaining way) makes him not only a dynamic character but one of the great political minds of our time.



If you are not acquainted with the man or his role in Nigerian politics watch this as a taster.




If you now have Obahiagbon-Fever (it’s got a ring to it), watch the advanced-level stuff.

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