Kanye’s Sextape

“Don’t let me get in my zone, you are now Watching me Bone” – Kanye?

I’m kind of disappointed in myself for reporting this (and for that joke) but I can’t help but comment on our society after hearing that Kanye West now has a sextape floating about.

Everyone is fairly aware that his current girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, is a star having “shot to fame” after a few shots from someone semi-famous.  So what’s the reason, Kanye? Kanye West is already an accomplished rap artist and producer, is there a need for a sextape? No.

You almost wonder why celebrities even tape themselves, but at the same time in an age where some falsely women cry rape for settlement payments, you almost can’t blame them.

A few details to note are:

  1. The woman supposedly states at the start of the video that she is over 18. Clearly R. Kelly has taught the industry something.
  2. She states that she no longer has sex with her husband and so that is why she is there. That scares me.  This woman’s lack of scruples shows a very stark truth. If you are in any kind of problem with your wife, her possession of female genitalia allows her to upgrade to a powerful multimillionaire who doesn’t care about her, for one night.  On top of all that, she will love it. Then she may try to make it work with you afterward…for the kids.
  3. Supposedly the woman looks like Kim Kardashian, but this tape predates his relationship.  Maybe for Kanye it was like that moment you have Cookie Dough ice-cream and it reminds you…”hmmm, I could really go for some chocolate chip cookies right now”.
  4. Kanye knows the camera is there.  So even though he is now worried about the release of the tape, he was aware of his actions.  As a grown man, I guess he must deal with it.
  5. Lastly, as much as I’m praying for the Lord to save me from my own curiosity and as much as I try to elevate myself beyond mindless drivel…if shown the tape…I probably will watch it…with the College Dropout album playing in the background, because it’s a classic.

COMMENT: Will you be watching the video? Will his tape be better than Kim’s?


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