Lib Dems say banks can be racist.

I came across this article in which Liberal Democrat, Simon Hughes, speaks of the banking industry and how they lost our respect.

He claims they have made themselves hard to reach and engage in unfair practices including racist decision making.

As much as I genuinely do enjoy white people, pointing out the racism I’m likely to suffer, I haven’t been in this situation before.  I can definitely imagine it happening.  I remember speaking to a mentor of mine who owned his own legal practice and he explained to me that by law he must have insurance. He further explained that it was common practice for those who sold the insurance to quote higher prices for firms owned by ethnic minorities as they were deemed more likely to engage in fraudulent activity.

So who’s fault is it?  Some say it’s wrong to lump everyone together. Some say minorities bring this upon themselves because these crimes do happen.  What I will say is that crime is committed in all tiers of society.  They are just presented differently.

COMMENT: Is it fair to charge more for insurance if the person’s race deems them to be “high risk”? Have you ever been the victim of racism in a bank?

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