It makes scents…

Click for Hemani Amber Musk Jamid (£4.95)

Some of you may know I have a penchant for fragrances.

I think smell is a neglected sense and whilst we spend fortunes on looking good, we neglect smell at times.

Building a personal fragrance is a delicate thing to judge and not everyone does it well.  Heck, I have put together an overbearing scent at times.

The key is to have a unique, long-lasting personal smell that is pleasant at all times.

This passion has led me to enter the world of fragrances also.  Whilst I am still a fan of the expensive designer fragrances I buy at Duty Free every time I fly, I really fell in love with the oils usually imported from the Middle East.  Even more specific, I fell in love with the product pictured to the left.

It is a solid bar of perfume that can be rubbed directly into the skin, used in the composition of liquid perfumes and other cosmetics, or you can put it in your wardrobe to make your clothes smell nice.  I now sell them on eBay for £4.95 because I genuinely believe in the product. If you would like one, feel free to order one.

Aside from plugging the product I sell, I would also like to give some tips that help you to stay smelling good and will earn you the same compliments I get flooded with 😉

  1. Don’t scrimp on fragrances.  Even people who don’t know fragrances know when you smell cheap.
  2. If alcohol irritates your skin, look into the aforementioned oils.  I will be selling them soon also.
  3. Solid perfumes, like the ones I sell, help to “remix” whatever other fragrance you’re using, giving you a unique combination.
  4. Heat from your body makes the fragrance spread.  So if you put it under your arms, on your neck and wrist, it will smell great but burn out quickly. Try your chest, inside your elbow and along the forearm.
  5. This is the order in decreasing concentration: Powder Perfume, Perfume Extract, Esprit de Parfum (rarely used), Eau de Parfum (EDP), Eau de Toilette (EDT), Eau de Cologne, Mist then Splash and Aftershave.  If you want to upgrade the quality of your smell and you’ve been buying EDT’s try EDP’s as a small upgrade for yourself.
  6. When in hot countries try less musk and fresher scents so as to be less overbearing.
  7. Keep your perfumes out of direct sunlight
  8. Every cosmetic product you use, including soaps and creams build up your natural smell.  So pick them well or use scentless products.
  9. Take your time in Duty Free and don’t be pressured.  The workers are on commission, they know they’ll probably never see you again, so don’t let them convince you into buying something because it’s “hot” right now.  On the other hand some of them are geniuses.
  10. Try matching fragrances to your outfits.  Something musky for dark outfits, fresh (citrus, fruity, floral if you’re female) for colourful outfits, and unisex for undecided less adventurous days.

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