Bus Driver Uppercut

I’ve heard much speculation about this incident in Cleveland, Ohio.  An altercation between a woman and a male bus driver climaxed in an uppercut from the bus driver.  The driver has since been removed from duty and the video has been viewed and/or enjoyed by hundreds of thousands around the world.

Of course this raises many issue and I’ll get my thoughts out now. I DO NOT believe in the phrase “It’s never right to hit a woman”. I say “You really shouldn’t hit anybody.”  The problem with the former mantra is that it has created a belief in society that it is perfectly OK for women to hit men with no sense of consequence.  I’ve seen it many times, you probably have too.  Women will get in a man’s face, and provoke him, and even in some cases hit him with a smug sense of protection under the law. It’s like castrating a man and then teasing him with sex – or making faces at a wheelchair bound disabled person because you feel they can’t catch you.  If I saw a guy on crutches getting teased and mocked because the perpetrator felt they could not be caught, then the guy got a lucky hit in with his crutch, I would cheer that guy on!

So for this woman, she got her just desserts, as most people will ignore the fact that she spit on the driver and hit him.  The bus driver proclaimed “If she wanna act like a man, I’m gonna treat her like one!” which I find to be hilarious.  Well done feminists, that is equal treatment in action.  I’m not saying his violence was right, but it wasn’t wrong for the fact that she’s a woman.    The fact that she is on the news saying she can’t believe he’d hit a woman shows the delusion our society is lumbered with.  She genuinely felt she could behave that way and nothing should happen to her.  Conveniently she couldn’t comment on whether or not she hit him.  Good to see the Fox News Network upholding delusion as is the modus operandi.

14 thoughts on “Bus Driver Uppercut

  1. People can die with this sort of violence whether they are male or female. As for whether your mother or sister would behave that way is not the question. What if they did? Would still defend this?

    • Yes for sure! I would never condone any family member of mine hitting a bus driver and spitting at him while he is operating a vehicle!!! Her actions could have killed everybody on the bus. If he had to pull the vehicle over and neutralise her then well done to him. NO ONE, male or female should have to endure verbal or physical abuse, especially at their job.

  2. BTW I do agree with your sentiment that no one should touch people like that. And certainly wouldn’t sack the driver.

    But I can also see that idiot will use the excuse she touched me first in all sort of situation. So if a man put his wife in hospital and in a coma, he told you she touched him first, how would you respond to him?

    • That’s a hearsay situation and that’s the added problem of knowing who is telling the truth. I can’t speak on those because people lie. However, I do believe that anyone who is attacked has the right to neutralise the attacker. Not revenge and not to just endure it. Neutralise the threat.

      So if it is the case that a wife attacked her husband and got finished, that is her fault. If the man is lying he is a deplorable excuse for a man. Unfortunately the problem in our society is that having come to a point where we try to protect battered women, we have in turn disarmed all men and villified all men, leaving them vulnerable to female attackers who feel protected by the law. We say we want men and women to be treated equally, well here is an opportunity. Not every fight is a fair fight. Sometimes big men fight skinny men and defeat them. Violence is wrong, but I do not feel you can just punish someone for being stronger.

  3. Finished her off that is her fault? If someone places another human being in a coma it means they went too far. BTW the conviction for rape and domestic violence is so low. Plus two women a week die as a result of domestic violence. So how did our society disarmed men?

    How is placing another human in a coma neutralising the situation? Fact is men and women are not equal even if we like to think so. Women and men are not equal in all fields of life. Do you see women doing jobs like buliding? Do you see men giving birth? We are different, fact.

    Reasonable force is okay but if a man or woman goes as far as placing another human being in coma or kill whether his victim is man or woman , s/he should expect to spend some time in jail.

    If you were to get into a fight with a man and you end up killing him, you do know that you still would face jail? It is the same with woman.

    • Society disarmed men because there are men suffering from domestic violence and although some of the statistics are shocking such as Males accounting for over 40% of domestic violence victims (http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2010/sep/05/men-victims-domestic-violence) we will never fully know the full figures because they are marginalised and mocked by the police, media and society.

      I agree we are different. I have always said this. But in the same way a woman is just as competent as a man when it comes to practising law, she is just as capable of verbally and physically abusing a man, especially if armed. Women may not have the physical strength a man has, but a kitchen knife in her hand throws the balance in her favour.

      Now I get your point about a coma, but Im not suggesting a coma is always fair. But a woman attacking her husband with a frying pan could quite easily put him in a coma, his retaliation could put her in a coma. One hit and a bad fall could be all it takes. The problem with a coma is that you don’t know what it takes until it happens. I believe in some cases self-defence may involve killing someone. It’s a case by case issue. But that’s why I stressed that I don’t believe in revenge. Neutralising a threat is doing what it takes to make sure you guarantee your safety. It may mean a kick in the nuts so you can run. It may mean striking the person and throwing them off the bus. It may mean arming yourself also. If a woman smacks a guy over the head with a rock, while he’s trying to rape her and puts him a coma, I don’t think people would argue so much. So why must we pretend women are incapable of evil and it’s a man’s fault?

  4. It is not mocked by the police. In police figures, for every three victim of domestic violence , two are female and one is male. Which support your link and statement. But more women die as a result of violence. Yes you right, we will never know the true figure because both genders dont report as much. But domestic violence has severe result towards female, we are likely to be killed (dead people don’t report).

    The thing is situation you are talking bruising and marks tend to support such men. For example, fans of Chris brown say rihanna attacked him in the car though he fully admitted to the charge. In such situation he should have bruises and marking. There was not a single mark on that man. Media don’t necessarily mock abused men coronation street and hollyorks had part where the man were abused by their Female partners. And that kyle show had a male being abused by his girlfriend, kyle treated like her like he would if she was male doing the same. Don’t forget all those movie that have psycho girlfriend that are obsessive about their partners. Plus for men were are the situation were the female partner attacks them, the crime scene is often supportive of them.

    How do we pretend women incapable of evil when we see it in movie soap etc. Plus the reason why male victims have hard time being recognised is because how we view men. Can a man go to his friends and tell them he is being abused like female can? Who is most likely to take the piss out of him? Male or female?

    I agree with you in most of what you said. About verbal abuse it is hard to prove for female or male. To be honest these cases should be judge case by case, we look and try hard enough we will get to the truth. I get you, society has double standard. But you also need to know society does have double standard towards women too in many other issues. The founder of mankind ( charity that helps male domestic violence), said by pitting men against women, it would undermine is work.

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