Black Candidate for UKIP???

Is this guy for real? My ward is Croydon North.  Sadly, our MP died recently.  Malcolm Wicks had held that seat for as long as I could remember and on most accounts was dedicated to the community.  My mother wrote to him once but I never met him or worked with him.

What has struck me is that now in the by-election to decide the new MP, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) have decided to field a black candidate.  The usual debate arises whenever you see a black conservative.  However, for a party that seems to be set up against immigrants, you must ask yourself why would a black immigrant from Jamaica stand with them.  It almost reminds me of the erroneous tone I took during the infamous BNP Prank Call.  This is an immigrant who wants to put a blanket ban on immigration for at least a year.

Just when you were finding it hard to take him seriously, here’s a video of him “rapping”.


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