My Attention Span

It’s one of the characteristics I’d most like to change about myself. It’s my attention span.

Kevin Van Aelst

Kevin Van Aelst

My attention span is the reason I very rarely finish books.  My attention span is the reason most conversations get boring very quickly for me. My attention span is the reason I still haven’t filed my tax records.  I really do wish I could concentrate longer and so I do try to force myself to read but after a while I wonder why I cried in class that time because I forgot the lines to the poem I was reciting.

Confession: Sometimes I’m in Church and have to open my eyes during prayer, because the things that go on in my mind when my eyes are closed have no place in the sanctuary.  So here are 5 things I’m going to do improve my attention span.

1. Write out all the numbers, so at least when I can see the end in sight, i’m less likely to get distracted.






2 thoughts on “My Attention Span

  1. Real talk right there…. I can relate to that.
    I have a short attention span too

    Do you know why most tv shows are 20-22mins long? (excluding ads) … because the average attention span in only 25-30mins. Any longer and we’d lose interest in the show!

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