Black Jeans

I love black jeans.

They’re casual enough to wear everyday yet smart enough to wear on stage.  At one point, this (rather pretty) girl had a little inside joke with her friends about me and my black jeans.

“Hey Ola, hee hee, erm, how come no black jeans today? hee hee”

Very funny, I know. She was just lucky she’s pretty.

The downside? it’s almost impossible to wash black jeans without them fading.  So I pretty much have to keep a steady supply of black jeans coming in.  I’m wearing black jeans right now.  I think you get that I love black jeans, but you probably don’t understand why I’m telling you.

This weekend, i’ve been on the road gigging, and in my usual black jeans, but my zip has been malfunctioning.  At 10 minute intervals I can be sure to find myself flying at half mast for no reason.  It’s a little irritating but I keep pulling them back up.  It does constantly look like I’ve just urinated or fiddled myself, but I keep pulling the zip up.  During conversations, on the bus, passing strangers in the street I pull my zip up.

Now I had a 30 minute window on Saturday when I was home, before heading out for my next two gigs.  I changed my coat, cap and t-shirt, but did I change my jeans? No.  I wore them out and still pulled up my zip any time it went down.

Some of you are now following my blog because of my post this week entitled “I’m Tired” that was fortunately Freshly Pressed. I wrote that out of genuine frustration.  I really was down. but now I’m back up.  Do you see it now?  There are two lessons I can learn from my black jeans.

1. Like the pretty girl and my black jeans, if you like something enough, you’ll put up with the minor inconveniences.

2. Like the zip, it’s not your fault if your down, but once you’ve come to that realisation pick yourself back up.

Guess who could use an extra “Button” right now.

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