5 Weirdest People I’ve Met After a Show

People often ask me about the audience members I meet after shows. Usually it’s guys asking if I get groupies. I don’t know what it is about comedy clubs and shows, but they seem to attract some very interesting people, or just bring out the crazy in everyone.

1. A guy came up to me after I did a joke about seeing very few black people in Cardiff and said “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? THERE ARE PLENTY OF COLOUREDS IN CARDIFF!”.  So yeah, I stopped talking to him very quickly.

2. One young lady once came up to me to get my number to book me for a charity show she was going to run for Sickle Cell.  That cause is near to my heart so I gave it to her.  Turns out she was on a break from her man, and just wanted to “have a little fun”.

3. I once had a member of the audience attempt to lure me out of the venue saying he needs to speak to me.  We got as far as the lobby before I sensed something was amiss. I turned around to re-enter the venue, and he bottled me.

4. Whilst gigging up north, I was cornered by a cougar who reassured me that they have no problem with black people around there, it’s just the Pakistanis they don’t like.  She even reassured me she’d to have a black grandchild and that her daughter was available.

5. Now this one is a bit of a cheat.  I’m not sure if they were at the show, but once I got back to my hotel after a gig in Sheffield, a couple propositioned me in the lift.  The man’s exact words were “Mate, if you’ve got a condom, you can get RIGHT in there.”

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