Such A Man’s Response: My Boyfriend Leaves Me Till Last

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 months now and things seem to be going really well but I’ve recently noticed he only comes to see me after midnight.  He spends his evenings with his friends and just sees me on his way home.  He doesn’t ask me for sex so I know I’m not a booty call but I still don’t understand why he only sees me after midnight.

I may need more information here, but my first inclination is you need to stop whinging.  Whilst some women complain that their man spends all his time with his boys and neglects them (the women), you are complaining of the order in which your man makes time for you.

I’m not saying I don’t understand how frustrating it can be to be left till last, I’m sure you feel like an afterthought. However, if you are just thankful that he is consistently making time for you and not just for sex, maybe you may enjoy his visits more.  Maybe he’ll be inspired to come and see you earlier.  Or maybe you’ll just come to realise he’s more of a night person and it has its perks.

How about you hang with some friends whilst he hangs with his.  What’s really killing you is the waiting up.  The reason you’re waiting, is because you’re not doing enough with your life.  Take up a hobby.  Sign up for a gym class.  Spend more time searching for me online.  Just use your time wisely and when you’re man shows up you’ll be happy to see him, he’ll be happy to see you and all will be well because all will end well.

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5 thoughts on “Such A Man’s Response: My Boyfriend Leaves Me Till Last

  1. I disagree with the above especially the ‘waiting around for him because you are not doing anything with your life’ and the suggestions to sign up for a hobby etc.That is just a mockery of this girl’s life when she has given no facts to suggest she has nothing to do but wait. There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking forward to seeing your man, which is what has been interpreted as ‘waiting’ here.
    What makes the original advice crap is the fact that he has failed to identify the one thing couples fail to do to maintain a good relationship.Communication! If you are not happy with the time he sees you Speak Up and Tell Him with your reasons!If he truly cares about you he will listen and do something about it or come to some sort of compromise.If he doesn’t care then nothing will change and you’ll have to decide if you can carry in the relationship like that.Simple communication is what this girl should have been advised to do NOT to suffer in silence and sign up to some hobby just to kill time.
    Girl if you are not happy with after hours you can try and solve the problem between yourselves.Speak Up,Tell Him,Make sure you give your reasons then decide on your next step depending on his response.

    • Thanks for this but did you ever stop to consider the negative effects of communicating negative emotions on EVERY issue? In some cases yes it is best to let your feelings be known but sometimes its best to just solve it if you can.

      She could communicate how upset she is, he could change but that could lead to less organic fun and more scheduled fun. It can lead the guy to come out of obligation and we all know how much of an aphrodisiac obligation is… you relationship genius! 🙂

      • This girl is complaining too much, the fact is if he visited her first and then went out with his boys she would then think that he’s out for mischief and complain about him only seeing her before heading out to see his boys and as such saving the best for last.
        Women will always complain regardless.. If she keeps this attitude he might stop turining up!!

  2. @sri baba interesting thought pls expand beyond that if you are able to express your opinion without using insulting words.

    @Admin of course we’d all agree that it is unnecessary to express negative emotions on EVERY issue. There are issues that you could look past and suppress your emotions about but when an issue provokes you to think deeply or seriously about the relationship (which seems to be the case here otherwise it would not have come to an agony uncle) then it is sensible to express yourself and address it rather than ignore or occupy your mind with something else, hoping the problem would disappear and never return again.

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