Respect My Husband?! Don’t Make Me Laugh!

Today I came across this article in the Daily Mail.


The first thing I would like to say about this is that I do NOT read the Daily Mail.  I simply had the link sent to me and did not find it myself.

Secondly, Lord have mercy.

If you cannot be bothered to read the whole article, the premise of it is that a novelist by the name of Barbara Taylor Bradford recently wrote that the key to a successful marriage is respecting your husband.  The formation of this article is to refute that in the most extreme terms.  Katie Hopkins decided to write an article to not only tell the world that it is nonsense to respect your husband, but to detail the ways in which she berates her husband in public and thinks so low of him.

Now surprisingly I will not even focus on her.  My problem is with the shell of a man who bothered to take part in this marriage.  The first picture in the article shows the man sitting with his female husband with a look in his eyes that suggests he’s on parole for his God-given testicles to be returned to him.

I really must address this trend in under-empowered men.  It’s easy to say men hold the top positions in the world and so all men are fine.  Feminists will have you believe that only women suffer on this earth.  What we have learnt from the election of Barrack Obama and other poster-boy projects is that a few people from a group doing well does not mean the entire group is doing well.  Many men are suffering a complete lack of identity.  They are shameless and worthless men with no sense of purpose or direction.  They usually play out as the husbands of these horrible women and live out their lives as stupid second-class citizens.

Why do these men exist?

  1. The increasing numbers of young boys raised by Single Mothers teach young boys that they are surplus and not necessary (Special Edit: As always this point has offended women so I’m obligated to point out the other side of this coin regardless of the legitimacy of the point I’ve made.  Yes, part of this problem are the guys who don’t stick around to teach their sons.  However, whatever causes a couple to split up and for a father to be removed from the life of his children can be a range of factors from useless fathers to evil scheming mothers.  What it doesn’t change is that often when mothers raise boys they pass on a lot of their negativity towards men to their sons whether it is based on truth or not.)
  2. Every sitcom that plays the matriarch as smart and together and the patriarch as a useless bumbling fool reinforces this belief.
  3. Feminisation of the work place and schools have meant that characteristics which suit men such as aggressiveness and competition are slowly being eroded in favour of emotional wellbeing and verbal communication.
  4. The perception that every man is a latent paedophile has meant that nursery and primary school teachers are mostly women, and so growing up young children rarely learn to respect men as authoritative figures.
  5. The double standards when it comes to violence.  We teach young boys to NEVER hit a girl.  Whereas even as adults we turn a blind eye to the reverse.  Without full discourse, this only builds the idea that women are worth more than men and so we have a generation of young girls who believe that “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them”.

Now if I could speak to the man in this article who is disrespected by his wife, I would simply ask him to consider why her first husband left her.  If he couldn’t arrive at answer himself, I’d help him.  It’s because she’s an evil human being.  She’s not even good-looking enough to warrant her b*tch behaviour.  Her self-confessed Tory upbringing causes her to look down on people because they like football or have a Cockney accent.  What is there to look forward to in her?

Then I would tell him a personal story about a young boy who was also raised by a single mother.  He also was well on his way to becoming a completely emasculated b*tch.  However, luckily he was saved by stand-up comedy and the fact that it gave him time to think and evaluate his life.  This combination of thought and analysis put him in a position where he was able to gain perspective on himself, become more comfortable about where he stands in the world and write a blog about it.

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5 thoughts on “Respect My Husband?! Don’t Make Me Laugh!

  1. Wow! in this day an age very little surprises me.
    I don’t know whether the couple up there (more like the woman and her side-kick) are just attention seeking. But let’s look at it how it’s presented. I don’t know what Katie Hopkin’s background is or what has caused her to be this way but she needs help! It’s sad she has kids wit this man…what sort of example is she setting? I feel she is insecure and belittles her hisband to make herself feel good.

    As for the man, he needs to be a……MAN! He has to stand up to her! How and why did he marry her?! I can’t fathom it. Katie said ” [although] I love Mark to bits,” she needs to hush…if she loved her husband, Mark, she would respect him.
    Mark..bro…that’s is not a wife!

    I’m even starting to wonder if Mark gets enjoyment from that bad-treatment….or if Katie gets a thrill from treating her husband that way.

  2. A decent response until ‘she’s not even goodlooking enough to warrant her bitch behaviour’. I wonder if that was really necessary. So it’s ok for a goodlooking woman can treat a man badly? Men make comments like this and wonder why feminists have a lot to say..

  3. Okay so I appreciate the core of this post but there are a few bits that got me.

    -She’s not even good looking enough to warrant her bitch behavior?
    I can’t get over the suggestion that the level of ’emasculation’ a guy should endure is a function of his partner’s attractiveness. It also contradicts something you said in a previous blog post…

    -Single mothers teach a young boys that they are surplus and not necessary.
    I understand that a female alone cannot always raise a male according to social criteria but to suggest that they purposefully project a sense of unworthiness on their sons is very unfair and downplays the love and effort they invest in raising their children, male or otherwise.

    -The thing about sitcoms.
    Yes there are sitcoms that depict the male as bumbling but the influence of these is negligible in comparison to those that portray females as inferior, weak and dependent sexual objects.

    -Double standards on violence.
    So it’s clear you support the view of male=leader. Aside from the physical disadvantage women have in violent situations, double standards are a territorial quality of leadership. I don’t think we can propose that a male is a leader by nature (hence worth more) while also suggesting that the ‘double-standard’ on violence makes him worth less. The greater focus on female anti-violence protects the already disadvantaged and undervalued female from further social deterioration. Teachers should never hit students. If students hit teachers it is no less serious but they are less likely to have abused a position of physical or institutional power in doing so.

    Really interested in the views you’ve expressed, so just thought I’d stir the pot a little 🙂

    • First of all, thank you for reading and making a well thought out commentary on the article.

      Now to address your points.

      -She’s not even good looking enough to warrant her bitch behavior?
      I was not saying that’s how it should be. I’m saying that’s how it usually is. Guys often take more rubbish from a conventionally good looking woman which is why I couldn’t understand this dynamic.

      -Single mothers teach a young boys that they are surplus and not necessary.
      I did not say they do this purposefully, but it happens. I was raised by a single mother. It’s very easy to make off comments about men out of frustration. It’s very easy as a young boy to grow up believing you’d have been a better person had you been born a girl.

      -The thing about sitcoms.
      I don’t think it’s negligible. Yes, shows like Two and Half Men can paint women as easily interchangeable sex objects but that does not dwarf or negate the constant portrayal of men as idiots. The only reason it seems that way to you is because you’ve heard a lot more complaint from feminists about the sexualisation of women than you have heard uproar about the dumbing down of men.

      -Double standards on violence.
      I do think a male should be a leader but I do not think that makes him worth anymore. A man and woman are equal but one must lead. I feel sorry for a teacher that is hit by a student and I think that situation is just a result of the feminisation of our society. It is completely wrong that because some authority figures can misuse their power, it is better to disarm them all and leave them all vulnerable. I think if a woman knew she could be hit back, in most cases it would inspire a healthy respect non-violence. But because some men have taken it too far, every man should just be slapped and take it? No thank you.

      But again, thanks for commenting.

      • I won’t protract this to a debate but just a few points:

        -I can concede your point on single mothers as I don’t know what it’s like to be a male raised by a single mother; my point was simply that that these mothers wouldn’t ‘teach’ this and would do their best not to allow this to be the case. Similarly, there are many familial situations in which females are made to feel life would have been easier as a male.
        -Sitcoms. The issue is not negligible, but negligible in comparison because when you consider the negative portrayal of females in such shows and that of males, females certainly draw the short straw. (I don’t mean to in anyway reduce the importance of males’ portrayal).
        -In leading, there has to be social vices to protect those being led, so my point is that women are protected by this greater focus on them. Certainly we are worth the same, but the reality is that in almost every situation, leaders are more highly regarded. Males obviously should be shown the same compassion when they’re victims in the situation but because of the leadership role they largely play in so many aspects of life, and their physical advantage, I don’t feel that the greater focus on violence against females leads to males being regarded as being worth less.

        Thanks for taking the time to reply! Perhaps on a few things we’ll have to agree to disagree.

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