10 Things Women Like To Do To Exhibit Sexuality But Deny Later

So it occurs to me that we have this drama we act out in society, where we produce certain scenarios that act as a set for women who want to exhibit their sexuality but maintain enough ambiguity to deny it later. Am I the only one who thinks this? I’ll compile a list and you tell me if I’m wrong or if there’s anything I missed out.

1. “Slutty” Halloween costumes
2. Twerking
3. Batty Rider Shorts
4. Girls dancing with girls in clubs
5. Really High Heels
6. Selfies with the finger in the mouth
7. Push Up Bras and cleavage
8. Mechanical Bull Riding
9. Pole Dancing Classes
10. In the summertime post a status saying it’s so hot that they’ll be sleeping naked.



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