Corporate World Views

So it has just occurred to me (whilst doing the dishes) that we really need to be careful to note how we form our world views and priority structures. More often than we realise, we take our deepest and most fundamental principles from corporations and organisations whose only interest is to make money.

Some of these things are good things, some of them, not so good, but just be aware of the roots.

Supermarkets push family values because families shop more. It’s that simple.

The idea that a man is supposed to spend 3 months of his salary on an engagement ring was a marketing campaign by De Beers, and guess what, they sell expensive diamonds that cost 3 times the monthly salary of some.
They are not concerned as to whether this is really a smart move, how you then save for a wedding and most importantly how your finances are during the marriage itself. They are just selling you diamonds, so be aware before you take it as gospel.

The romance industry loves dating because it’s like treatment and marriage is the cure. If men think continuous dating is a good thing, imagine how much they’ll pour out on clothes, flowers, chocolates, restaurant meals etc. When people get married they have family budgets and this may not always include Hollywood romance every week.

To the women who put off everything in life because career is most important, remember that this country only really drafted women into the workforce to prop up the economy whilst men were away fighting, so you have to take all that “we love working women” hype with a pinch of salt. Whilst it is good to get your own money and contribute to society, think, who benefits from this? Are the businesses and government concerned about you having balance in your life? Lets say you THROW yourself into work, rise to the top, pay high rate tax, take credit cards, buy all the latest fashion designer goods…who is really winning here? Yes these are all nice things, but they are not EVERYthing, except to those who make money from it.

Christmas today almost has nothing to do with Christ because everyone is caught up in the idea of decorations, gifts and going out to get drunk. Look at what Thanksgiving has become in the US with the advent of Black Friday. Look at the fact that the Thanksgiving part didn’t really make it over to the UK, but Black Friday did.

I just think we really check if our moral principles are in line with our practical ones. I’m sure there’s more…if you’ve read all the way to the end, can you think of an agenda that is clearly pushed only for commercial reasons?


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