Can Joseph Fiennes play Michael Jackson?

Who should play Michael?

Are we ready to boycott?

Have we forgiven Flex Alexander?


WizKid Prostrates for King Sunny Ade

I guess this is the part of Yoruba culture that gets lost behind the comical accents and fraud accusations.

Prostration is a greeting as well as a sign of respect and humility.

For men, it can range from simply touching the ground, to the pushup position as seen here, to fully lying face down on the ground.

Norbury Comedy Club

Some of you may know, I recently opened my own comedy club with comedian, Nabil Abdulrashid.  Yes we have our own spot with food, drinks and even snacks as well as some of the finest comics on the circuit.  If you’re ever in South London, you’re always welcome at Norbury Comedy Club.


Guff4w Podcast #8 x Ola x Josh Howie

Ola, live from Bucharest, plays “The Problem With Dreaming” by Johnny Can’t Swim and speaks to Josh Howie about Comedic Immunity, Lloyd Grossman and circumcision.

Theme Music courtesy of Eskimo Chase

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