WizKid Prostrates for King Sunny Ade

I guess this is the part of Yoruba culture that gets lost behind the comical accents and fraud accusations. Prostration is a greeting as well as a sign of respect and humility. For men, it can range from simply touching the ground, to the pushup position as seen here, to fully lying face down on […]


I made Suya last night. For those who don’t know it’s a delicious West African snack usually made with beef steak.  It’s very similar to what we may term a kebab.  Its unique spicy taste makes it highly sought after by Africans in the diaspora whose palettes refuse to be dampened by Western cuisine.  What most […]

Room Revamp

If you know me or you’ve read my book “Dear Future Wife” you’ll know that I love IKEA days.  I know it’s a typically homosexual trait to be into interior design but I’m not afraid to say I’m heterosexual and like redecorating.  It’s the creativity, the vision and the outcome that gets my juices flowing. […]