ATL Woman Tasered

This doesn’t quite beat the Bus Driver Uppercut but it’s almost there.  I flipping love this video.  Extra points if you comment with a funny description of the way she hit the floor.  My favourite so far, “She fell at attention and refused to break rank” [youtube]

Google Plus

Isn’t this the beauty of Google Plus? Thank God criminals now have somewhere to leave critiques about the service provided at the prisons they stayed in.  Click on the picture to see the profile for HMP Wormwood Scrubs.

Smacked by “Smelly Nigerians”

Your thoughts? I’ve already voiced mine on Facebook and the views are split. [youtube]

5 Weirdest People I’ve Met After a Show

People often ask me about the audience members I meet after shows. Usually it’s guys asking if I get groupies. I don’t know what it is about comedy clubs and shows, but they seem to attract some very interesting people, or just bring out the crazy in everyone. 1. A guy came up to me […]

**** ORANGE!!!!

Argh!!!! Orange Mobile Network are getting me irate! The phone system for changing your price plan is down. I’ve spoken to a representative to do that. Now the website won’t let me top up because the system is down. I called to top up. The automated voice took all my details. Except for my name. […]