I made Suya last night. For those who don’t know it’s a delicious West African snack usually made with beef steak.  It’s very similar to what we may term a kebab.  Its unique spicy taste makes it highly sought after by Africans in the diaspora whose palettes refuse to be dampened by Western cuisine.  What most […]

Smacked by “Smelly Nigerians”

Your thoughts? I’ve already voiced mine on Facebook and the views are split. [youtube]

Guff4w Podcast #13 x Nabil Goes In

[audio] This week Nabil goes in on self defence, Nasi Goreng and Senegal.  We also hear from Gunsmoke Rastafari and Chim Choogi, Zimbabwe’s Hottest rapper. Produced by Ola Nabil Abdulrashid is in the 2013 New Act of the Year competition final held at the Bloomsbury Theatre on 27th of January. Guff4w Live will be launching […]