The Royal Conception

This is a clip from the new YouTube show I’ve created with comic, Toby Muresianu. It’s a transatlantic topical humour show with comical predictions of future news.  Have a peek, then watch the full episode if you like it.

I’m Going to Edinburgh to become a Comic/Comedian/Human

The discussions around race in comedy have equally intrigued and tired us all from the surge of black comics in the 70’s and 80’s till today.  Why do black people always seem to get certain roles? Are the BBC employing a “one in, one out” policy?  We need diversity on television, what can we do?  […]

Dear British Museum

Dear British Museum, When I first visited your establishment, I was about 16 and forced to do so by my school.  It was a valuable experience.  As I looked at artefacts from Africa, Asia and the Americas, I finally learnt what it meant to be British. It was for Art class and since I am […]

Guff4w Podcast #10 x Ola x Andrei

[audio] Ola plays “Say My Name” by Julie Iwheta and starts a two part series of interviews with Romanian comics.  The first is with a comic named Andrei and they speak about the comedy scene, facial hair and Romanian television. Theme Music courtesy of Eskimo Chase Join in with the podcast on @olathecomedian | […]