Dear British Museum

Dear British Museum, When I first visited your establishment, I was about 16 and forced to do so by my school.  It was a valuable experience.  As I looked at artefacts from Africa, Asia and the Americas, I finally learnt what it meant to be British. It was for Art class and since I am […]

Such a Man’s Response: He wants a break so he can have some Kit Kat.

My boyfriend and I get on like a house on fire.  We’re, dare I say it, perfect for each other.  However I know deep down he would like to enjoy physical pleasure with other women.  I give him everything he wants and he does the same for me but I don’t feel comfortable about this […]

Black Jeans

I love black jeans. They’re casual enough to wear everyday yet smart enough to wear on stage.  At one point, this (rather pretty) girl had a little inside joke with her friends about me and my black jeans. “Hey Ola, hee hee, erm, how come no black jeans today? hee hee” Very funny, I know. […]